Real Hypnosis Really Funny!
Coming Soon
Real Hypnosis Really Funny is a one of a kind entertainment experience. Laugh until you hurt and gasp in amazement.

Direct from the main stages of the Las Vegas Strip you can see the show or be the show. Combining the elements of a Las Vegas production show with dancers, animatronic robots, and volunteers from the audience in it’s very own theater.

Every show is different as every show you will witness multiple people being hypnotized to do the most amazing things.

You will want to come back again and again to the only show of it’s kind.

UPGRADE TO V.I.P. for special perks and extras!

Sexy Vegas Style Costumes and Minor Adult Innuendo​

Seating is Extremely Limited

All sales are final​

The Missing Piece to Millions
Coming Soon
Have you ever wondered why some people thrive and prosper when others do not?
It’s time for you to discover your Missing Piece to Millions. It’s closer than you ever thought!
Marshall Sylver is a respected business consultant sought by Fortune 500 companies and also the creator of the number one personal development program worldwide.

Today, Sylver is recognized as the #1 leading expert in subconscious reprogramming & the master of persuasion and influence.

In just a couple hours Marshall Sylver will change the way you think about business, money and wealth!

By educating people on the power of subconscious reprogramming, he motivates people to take action in the present moment and change their lives in a positive way forever… are YOU next?

UPGRADE TO V.I.P. for special perks and extras!

Fun for All Ages

Seating is Extremely Limited​

Kid Show – Magic For Kids Of All Ages
Coming Soon
From Close up sleight of hand to grand illusion you’ll see kids doing magic that will amaze you.

Even though kids are doing the magic this is a show for all ages.

Flying spaceships? Check.

Magic Orange Trees? Check.

Moving things with their minds? Yup we have that too.

All with a wonderful motivational message that lets kids know you don’t have to wait to be an adult to have your own business. If you love magic, if you love positive upbeat entertainment. You are going to LOVE Kid Show!

UPGRADE TO V.I.P. for special perks and extras!

Fun for All Ages

Seating is Extremely Limited​

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